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Hi, I'm Alexandr Tovmach.

I'm full stack engineer & UI/UX designer, and my expertise is JS ecosystem, especially React and Node.js. But I consider my vision and real experience to be significantly wider.

Founded and led soft4manufacture  company, which provides development services and IT solutions for manufacturing companies.

My web development course helped 20 students obtain valuable skills for their future careers.

I've started several open-source packages (e.g. react-microsoft-loginreact-figma-plugin-ds) , and was active contributor of Node.jsSemVerGatsbyFriends of Figma, and other projects.

In my free time I write and translate articles  on MediumDOU, and also speak at meet-ups and conferences.

To contact with me book an appointment  or simply mail me. You can find more details about my experience in a printable CV.